Meet Shane Ledford

After 45+ years on the planet and 25 years behind a desk in a sales job, Shane went looking for that ever-familiar “something that was still missing.”  By good fortune, he found it when he walked into his very first yoga class at a studio in Tokyo.  After returning to the States, he immediately searched for and found courses in meditation and yoga...which eventually led to him enrolling in and receiving his 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification through KCYTT. He also has taken advanced courses in Yin Yoga, which is a slower and more meditative style of yoga, and he has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2014.

Meditate KC Teacher Shane Ledford

Shane has taken several workshops and read numerous books on the subject of Mindfulness, and approaches it not only as a meditative practice...but more as a lifestyle.  His passion is trying to help others disconnect more from electronics and focus more on “single-tasking” rather than multitasking.  He emphasizes the importance of pausing, taking a breath, and being truly immersed and aware of the present moment.  Given this, and his interest in Japanese culture, Shane has also studied Walking Meditation (“Kinhin”) and Forest Therapy (“Shinrin-yoku”).  He has attended a weeklong (and partially silent) retreat with Mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn as well as a weekend workshop with Vipassana teacher Jack Kornfield.  In 2020, Shane will study in a ten month, 200-hour Mindfulness Teacher Training program through the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness.