Meet Anne Brown

My journey to becoming a meditation teacher started in 2005 when I unexpectedly found myself in a week-long in-residence program taught by Dr. Deepak Chopra. Little did I know that I would be meeting one of the most influential pioneers in mind body medicine, that he would lead me through my very first meditation ever, and that every night for a week he would eat dinner with me and a handful of classmates and change our perception of reality forever. He talked a lot about how a meditation practice feels like coming home; how each time you take your seat, you return to your essential nature. While I didn't understand all of the scientific, psychological and spiritual aspects of the practice then, I did know that every time I sat in meditation for 20 or 30 minutes I felt amazing afterwards. I was hooked. For the next two years, I kept in touch with him via Twitter; (it was much friendlier in the early days!). He often posted about the Chopra Center which he had opened with Dr. David Simon in Carlsbad, CA in the late 90's and I kept making plans to go, but never actually made it out there... until ten years later. I spent two years attending sessions at the Choprta Center and officially became one of his certified teachers in 2016, just months before the training program moved 100% online. (All my gratitude to Kelly Colln, ERYT-500 for asking me "what are you &$%! waiting for?") 
I teach people how to start and maintain a formal daily meditation practice. I practice and teach mantra meditation because that is what I find the most beneficial for me. I am a Pitta, and have found that other Pittas (or Type A's for those of you that haven't discovered Ayurveda yet) often need a process to follow. We need the steps. That being said, I find formal and informal mindfulness practices extremely helpful in cultivating and deepening my daily meditation practice. I am still learning new techniques and approaches to meditation and I try to explore everything that might add value to myself and my students. My passion is helping students achieve higher levels of consciousness while exploring how meditation can help improve every aspect of life from work to relationships to parenting to aging. Each year I take a few advanced students on an international retreat to Italy where we go deep into meditation and explore the ancient wisdom traditions together. It is one of the greatest joys of my life to teach meditation and I am grateful to all of those who have given me the opportunity to do so. 
I have been teaching since 2016 and have led workshops and classes at Mantra, Core Balance Yoga, and corporations. In addition to my certification from the Chopra Center, I completed a 200 HR meditation teacher training with Davidji.