The Team

Anne Brown, Founder 

Anne is passionate about sharing the practice of meditation with others and is committed to being a resource for those who want to start a daily meditation practice. She is a certified and active meditation instructor and yoga teacher in KC. She is also a certified professional corporate coach. 

Clara Vaughn, Co-Founder

Clara has been teaching yoga and meditation for almost 20 years. She has a gift for making meditation and yoga philosophy accessible to her students. Clara is passionate about creating a meditation community in KC and teaching those who want to learn about the Yoga Sutras.    

Shane Ledford, Co-Founder

Shane has been teaching yoga and meditation for several years in the KC area. He is especially talented at introducing mindfulness practices to people who are brand new to these techniques. 


Jan Teaching in Italy Jan Sumner, Co-Founder

Jan's introduction to yoga began in 1986, when she  participated in a three week program called "Health for Life" at Kripalu Yoga Center located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. After surviving a life changing burn injury in 1983, she went through years of rehabilitation, many surgeries, and experienced a wide range of emotions. Jan believes yoga saved her life and has taught her many things: that true beauty does come from within, that yoga was her pathway to self-love, and the miracle to her physical healing. Jan stayed at Kripalu and assisted with the program that changed her life. She also received her Kripalu Bodywork training in 1988 and Kripalu Yoga Teachers Training in 1995. Since then, Jan has taught yoga at multiple locations in Kansas City, and taught yoga and meditation through Longview Community Education for 15 years. In 2016, she completed the Yogafit Warriors Training including Yogafit Warriors Training including Yogafit for Healing Physical and Emotional Trauma, Restorative Therapeutics, and Mood Balancing. Jan is also trained to teach Chair Yoga and Kids Yoga and Storytelling. 

 Jan has received additional training with Max Strom, Sadie Nardini, Judith Lasater, and many others at Kripalu Center. She also particpated in many transformational training programs with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Panache Desai, Byron Katie, Judy Orloff, and Jarrad Hewett. Jan believes in diversity and is grateful to all her teachers. Jan is very committed to her own personal growth and is dedicated to helping others awaken to a greater self-love through yoga and meditation.